Our Charter

Knowledge is never singular.
It is a sum, additive, cumulative.
It spans lifetimes and bodies,
going beyond the limitations of individuality.

Everything adds to the sum of knowledge, even ignorance.
The pool of experience grows deeper with each generation.
Multiplicity providing new filters of experience,
A body with many organs, many eyes,

The world we live is our center, our constant.
It is where we are bred and where we die.
It is where we are re-born.

We have been many things, and will be even more.
Whatever the profession, there is something valuable we can learn.
There is something valuable we can teach.
This cycle of birth and rebirth is part of our quest for knowledge,
and is symbolized by the Phoenix, rising from its ignorance.

Enlightenment does not come easily, and rarely alone.
We, the House of the Rising Phoenix, are here to quell your thirst for
Knowledge, Wisdom, and Multiplicity.

As Avatars, we all are here to teach as well as learn everything within our grasp.
An open mind, a willingness to share, and above all, curiosity,
is all that we require you possess.

Class is unimportant - it changes in every lifetime.
We have all been, or all will be, everything.
Profession, too, functions only to teach.

Those who do not understand the skills of the person at his side is incomplete, un-whole.
Each aspect, every incarnation, is a source of knowledge to be added to the greater whole.
Come, assimilate, for after all, you ARE us.

Share with us and be part of a larger whole,
experience the multiplicity that is our world,
and learn more about yourself than you ever could
in just one body, in one lifetime.

Become one of many
Become multiple

Become the Phoenix - be reborn.

In Memory of Glenn ~Omodiende~ Reitz 1964 - 2007